I recently wrote a fairy tale romance short story :-

A life of Halcyon Days

and to me it’s obvious who the characters are based on. I gave it to my husband to read as he knows the people who the story is based on. Yet, apart from the 2 characters who have the same name as I believe it’s fitting symbolically; he couldn’t figure out who they were. I didn’t think simply changing there name would obscure who they actually were. My mother in law also read it too and it got me thinking whether this was something to do with the dyslexic mindset as she knows the people too. It may also have something to do with theory of mind which is a very autistic thing. I do frequently think that because I know something and you have better skills regarding perception that you automatically also know what I’m thinking because I need to work on my poker face. It’s a pity Snape can’t give occumlanmency lessons to us all. For those that don’t know Harry Potter it’s the art of shielding your thoughts from others so they can’t read and manipulate you. Hence the reference to poker and body language. This is what I have struggled with because so much happens in daily life that if you really thought about it in the way I do; it would floor you. Hence I do have a certain amount of inertia at times. It’s about learning when to analyse the situation and how much depth you should go into. The trouble is you never initially know which level is required so if you spend insufficient time you may regret it later just like spending too much time. It’s a fine balancing act that you will never truly master but on the occasions you do, you will feel good. However on the opposite side, if you screw up, you will feel bad and be reluctant to try again until you have learnt the lessons inside of that particular episode.

Imprecise English is another thing that can start you off on a bad thought process as calling banking man’s work is immature and inappropriate nowadays. You should leave men to there financial discussion or deliberation instead as otherwise you open yourself up to such comments as go play with kittens. This is continual work for myself and for others around me as nobody is perfect. We’re all trying to do the best that we can do each and every day. Striving to improve but never able to reach the goal as the goal posts keep moving. Such is the march of progress.


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9 thoughts on “Perception”

  1. I agree, “We’re all trying to do the best that we can do each and every day.” Sometimes we are open to the improvement you speak about, and sometimes we are not. Are you open? As a former teacher of English (among 10 other subjects in the elementary grades), I cannot help but pick up on common errors some writers make (not that I am perfect and never make mistakes). So, your use of “there” in place of “their” caught me off guard! I always told my students, “There has here in it!” If you are NOT talking about a place, then remember, “Their has heir in it.” Their is something that belongs to them! Now, you are the one who wrote, “Imprecise English is another thing…” So I hope this comment catches you with an “Ah-hah Smile” and not a frown. My aim is to please. I can’t help being an instructor! Apart from all that, this “Article about Languages” that captures the heart of perception is quite good. I am definitely not one gifted with a poker face! And I have the ability to display a “dyslexic mindset” at times, too. But, like you, I am “Striving to improve but never able to reach the goal…” I’m not sure if “the goal posts keep moving” or if I do! Such is the march of progress. Bless you! Thanks for visiting JanBeek. Come on back! I think you will appreciate today’s post, “What Defines You?” (I like your picture with outstretched arms, by the way!) ❤

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