Reading is very important for comprehension but also so is understanding. Reading is difficult for dyslexics of which they are many in both my own and married families. I’m starting to think that in my adopted language of Greek that I possibly have this too but not in the way that any of them have. You can also read in a hyperlexic way. While a dyslexic has an inability to read hence the term coming from 2 Greek words dys and lexic; a hyperlexic can very easily read and in fact will do quite quickly. It is this apparent ability that causes issues. The problem with a hyperlexic is that they don’t understand what they are reading. This is similar to how an autistic reads. They can do sight reading because that is just pattern recognition after all. This is another thing that is common across all 3 conditions. The ability for words to transform into hieroglyphs so you recognise the symbols (letters) but when they are combined in new ways, you don’t always get what they are trying to tell you in terms of content or pronunciation.

Autism is another word originating from the Greek language meaning self. As it’s a gendered language you have he, she it being auto, aute and autos. The strange thing here is with it being said afto, afte and Aftos. Then of course you have to factor in that it is a different alphabet with only 24 letters so not everything maps directly. This causes lots of issues with spelling etc as the above words are represented as αυτό, αυτή και αυτός. This is quite bewildering at first and will still get me on quite a frequent basis. It probably always will which is a pain but that’s life.

This is another article I did on the challenges of learning to read in another language The positive side.

Αντζελα (yet another way of writing my name in Greek that’s closest to the English pronunciation.)


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6 thoughts on “Reading”

  1. It’s always good to learn new things 🙂 I believe the Greek language is kind of difficult even though I don’t have lot of information about it but maybe because it’s not similar to any language I know 🙂
    Thank you for sharing

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      1. Thank you for your reply 🙂 I believe if we decide to learn something, we will for sure! My native language, the Arabic, is very hard language, all foreigners mention this always…For me, I love to learn new languages but I’m being a bit lazy lately that’s it 🙂 I must learn Spanish as a priority and then I love to check other languages as well 🙂

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        1. Arabic is amongst the hardest languages in the world to learn as to most it just looks like a bunch of squiggles. Spanish is supposed to be the easiest language for an English speaker but that doesn’t mean I was able to learn it in the 15 years that I tried. You have to find how you learn.

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          1. Yes I hear it all the time, how hard is our language! Glad it’s our mother language otherwise I don’t think I would bother 🙂
            Yes, Spanish is easier because I’m French educated (my second mandatory language was French at school) so I just need to focus and have time, we have many cultural centers here so no issue.
            I believe when we need the language, we’ll be more motivated to learn it, it will take less than months then 🙂

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