While I don’t have this condition, I have experienced the forgetting people’s faces and names many a time. They are never happy about this fact and then you have an embarrassing conversation about how this is a common occurrence for you and you don’t know how to fix it. In truth I don’t think there is a universal fix for this and you just have to muddle along.

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4 thoughts on “Connection”

  1. Great link. I try to pull things together like “Ah, his name is Troy, and he reminds me of my cousin’s husband” or “Sheila Walker – she lays as she walks”. It’s not fool proof, but it helps.

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    1. I find that the worst is when someone’s name is not in my mental table of what is a name. It’s always foreign names too Fanis for Greek so by the naming custom you have to call a guy Fani (cue inappropriate giggles), the author of the Moomins which I still forget, Sunil which is someone I’ve only met once and the list goes on.


    2. Oooh. Um, try and remember than Fani makes you giggle? I have to link people to “Oh yeah, or postman was Marco, so….” It’s difficult, but if I can create a connection to a similar name/face, it helps.

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      1. Once the name is uploaded to the database it’s fine it’s just the initial “this is my brother fanis, what?, his name is fanis, what did you say?” Which is precisely how the conversation went. It took some time before I got it anchored in my head that not only was it an acceptable name, it was his.

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