Making money from blogging

This is something that I struggle with greatly because I like writing but I don’t want to dilute what I am doing by focusing on the monetary aspect of this. I would like to make money but since it is not the focus, I find it hard to find its place against the creative aspects. The writing is relatively easy in comparison to the more technical things like making sure this looks good, its performs etc. I used to be a lot better in regards to the technical side of things but then I also used to not be anywhere near as good at the writing side of things. So as usual its swings and roundabouts trying to balance everything.

In addition to the books that I have written that are for sale on my Amazon author page, I have examined the possibilities that are present on the web for earning extra income. I have looked at Fiver which is a website where people post the things that they are good at in order that someone hires they to do one off jobs or possibly more if you really find them valuable. Proof reading is another aspect that you can do in your spare time but does bunch around exam periods. There are of course apps like Grammarly that do this for you now. I’m sure you have all seen the ads on YouTube before the video you selected plays.

As I’m not much of a public speaker, I haven’t done much in the way of YouTube videos. This can be beneficial to teach others a foreign language as many polyglots and hyper polyglots employ this strategy to demonstrate how proficient they all are. this helps drive business for them as they are very comfortable talking and in some cases this is in fact how they learn. You can’t underestimate the importance of spoken communication but for a person like myself that is notoriously reticent when it comes to presenting verbally, its not for me hence no language course.

I don’t particularly like dealing with strangers and I’m reluctant to spend my entire life online in front of a computer as its not good for my eyesight but occasionally needs must. As an introverted person I prefer to spend my time with those that I know. I don’t don’t like spending money much which I’m sure many of you can appreciate how difficult it is to part with your hard earned cash. Especially if its in short supply which it always seems to be with me. I have to rein in my impulses to spend money on frivolous items as then I will be able to contribute to more worthy causes and get better value for my money. This makes my online presence fraught with problems as its how much do you reveal to gain an audience and how much do you keep secret so that you are not oversharing? As you may come to realise, boundary issues are another bug bear of my life.

Since I don’t want to add ads onto my site, I’m battling myself here as I think over-commercialization cheapens something. Meaning, that the money is in charge here and the companies that are responsible for the advertisements and not myself. I in effect don’t want to be branded a sellout as many products lose the quality that you loved in the first place when they go chasing revenue streams. I don’t wish to jeopardise my authenticity and creativity for cold, hard cash.

I have looked into affiliate marketing which is essentially promoting others services in exchange for greater site traffic and brand awareness. Its almost like doing a deal with the devil. How much equity are you willing to sacrifice to gain a foothold in the market. I see these battles on Dragon’s Den all of the time. They always have to give away more than they initially thought to get the expertise and the investment.

Having passive streams of income is a nice idea as it seems that you can have a steady stream of money flowing into your account for very little work. Again this is dependant on whether you are appealing to the mass market and for most creatives since we are innovative, we tend not to be part of the in crowd. So this hasn’t worked for me so far but it does for others otherwise this option wouldn’t be available.

The next area to address when looking for funding is Patreon. This is a fairly new idea to the market that offers you the opportunity to market to a community of creatives. It charges a small fee while you hold all of the rights towards your work. You create content, decide who can view it based on the various tiers that are in place and your patrons pay you for the privilege of early access to exclusive content. Many artists of the past were only able to create the work that they did because wealthy people funded them.

I have a problem with subscription based services as I just recently cancelled my Apple Music subscription that I have been paying for a couple of years. I now have a phone filled with music that I can’t get from anywhere else due to it being in foreign languages that mostly no longer plays. Sure I can go to YouTube to play the videos but it was for when I went travelling and didn’t have access to the internet. This is why Spotify wouldn’t work here. Since I don’t have a laptop either I can’t download from various sites that are available. That’s slightly dodgy too so I don’t recommend the lengthy steps involved to achieve this result. So I’m left with a conundrum of what to listen to and how.

I am also left with the issue of how to promote myself while not asking for PayPal donations like some other bloggers do. Is it sufficient to just blog for the sake of it given the amount of competition out there and just hope that one day I will make it big like George RR Martin, J K Rowling or Victoria Hislop ?

(It took these authors quite a considerable amount of time before they became profitable.)

Here is the follow up article I did about this dilemma:-

Reasons for and against monetisation

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9 thoughts on “Making money from blogging”

  1. Wow, I had similar feelings, especially when it comes to the business side. I finally put up a Patreon account. Now, I’m slightly both excited and concerned about how to manage the account. I don’t mind spending time in front of the computer. But it has been hours…😑 🙄 I’m also not comfortable in front of the camera. So I’m wondering about the vlogging that I probably try at some point. And everything on social media is so saturated. Oh yes, I had to invest a bit of money, not too much. I went to this writer’s convention, and the writers, editors, and agents highly suggested social media self-marketing if I wanted to publish at some point… 😑 Anyway, sorry for the long the comment. But this resonted with some of my concerns.

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    1. Its ok I just had all these thoughts swirling around in my head that I needed to get down and to ask for other people’s opinion on this topic. WordPress also provides a post that says how to do this which includes having a sponsored post which is affiliate marketing and creating a store on your site but that requires the business plan. I have the premium plan which allows for help from WordPress if I email them and I can customise the colours, background and text of my blog along with using any scheme I want for the layout. I can also add in adwords which is advertising or a pay button but I’m not selling tickets or a membership. The Patreon account intrigued me as I both liked and disliked the interview idea that you proposed because promotion is good but it’s how to only show a part of yourself to the world. The side that they will like. Also some YouTube language bloggers provide additional information if you help them out on there. I just think it might get rather expensive and I worry that I will end up with nothing concrete at the end of the experience.


      1. Yes, I completely agree. I want do be productive, and I’d like to build a community where writers or the like help each other. I debated with a patreon account for over a year. I’ll see what happens with this journey. I have to admit was quite frightening publishing the patreon account. 😂🌹 But I thought, this will not be the 1st time I face failure if it doesn’t work out. Haha so, I went for it. I’ll look into some of your recommendations. Thank you. 🌹

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        1. You certainly get more attention with a premium blog on WordPress and you get to remove the word WordPress from your site address. I had a free blog for years and I still do but it doesn’t get anywhere near the views my premium one does. WordPress points your viewers towards what you have called your primary site. It’s either the first you made if you haven’t changed it or whatever one you want. The majority of people view your site from the reader and that requires 10 tags or less to be featured. People can search by tag or your menu in addition to this. There is also the list of 3 most popular articles when you interact with a person that you can get emailed. This often differs from the last 3 posts you have made.


          1. Oh wow, thanks! That’s good know. I have a personal one now. It’s the one up from the free blog. I’m still struggling with finding more followers and interaction. However, it could be due to my content. It’s all over the place. So, maybe I need more focus. I’m not sure yet. It be interesting to have a conversation a out the struggle between trying to stay true to the art of writing and the other extra “features” that comes with it. I think a lot of writers and or artists are in the same boat. 🌹

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          2. If you want more traffic post replies on other people’s blogs. Writing on one of Christian Mihai ‘s is very useful as lots of people read it. Just simply liking other people’s comments that they have made on someone else blog is also handy for directing people to look at your site. In the past I have done a guest post but that didn’t work then as I didn’t post sufficiently to get people’s attention. You can get people go look at your site if you post a lot, post a variety of articles and post things that are relevant to people’s lives. Most importantly post what you feel passionate about and you will find others that relate to you.


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