Blogging invisibly

When you start blogging you are often full of passion for your new project but you can quite quickly get demoralised when you are spending a lot of time writing and it doesn’t seem like you are getting any attention. I have felt like this previously on many occasions so of course I stopped blogging. However this is not a cure for what ails you. Finding your motivation again is essential but also finding reasons for your blog failure is important. For if you don’t know what went wrong before how can you prevent it from happening again?

I know people evolve as does technology but you have to make your blog reflect not only yourself but current times as well. A good looking blog is important but of course the content is where you really to focus yours attention. A blog that is shared on many social media platforms will just embarrass you if your writing capacity doesn’t do you justice. English may be the lingua Franca or universal language but if your not comfortable writing in that language don’t! Write in the language that allows your voice to be heard at its best. You will gain an audience with your posts regardless of what language you are using because the whole world is online. What is crucial is that you use punctuation and correctly, you have the correct spellings of words, you have good grammar, you are not writing in a style so simplistically that it would bore a child!

I read a lot of blogs on WordPress and I give the writers credit for writing in a language that doesn’t come easily to them but why haven’t they used a spell or grammar checker? There writing is often incoherent. This is a big turn off when trying to attract followers to your blog. Don’t substitute quotes, pictures, videos, reblogs or anything else if you can’t write in an adequate manner. I would like to say we’re all adults here but today I read the blog of someone who said they were 14 so that doesn’t quite fit in here anymore. We are still mostly adults though so write in a style that is comprehensible and doesn’t show you up.

I wrote this posts in response to the fact that there is a lot of anger today on WordPress and Cristian Milai wrote a well received post on the subject which I read. I then checked out all the blogs of the people who commented especially the ones complaining of invisibility. There were a surprising amount of blogs which had been deleted already since there comment, so clearly it didn’t work out for them as they expected. I also came across blogs whose home page was the default one. If you can’t even format your landing page than you do not deserve followers!

What do you do to help promote your blog? What irritates you about your blog? Anything else?

I hope you find these useful and I was not too harsh in my opinions.


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28 thoughts on “Blogging invisibly”

  1. I keep up with Cristian’s blog as well!.It is so helpful! I would say that staying connected and being genuine with our fellow bloggers is major key.

    I feel like I am on the same boat with you in regards with not being consistent, and wanting to just give up. However, the blogging community is so welcoming and supportive even though everyone is from all over the world. We have the mutual passion for expression and writing.

    I found that when I want to give up i just write and post. Little by little we start becoming less invisible 🙂

    Please visit my latest blog about an open community forum and let me know what you think. I would really appreciate it! Just a little something to help us become a little less invisible ❤

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  2. Thank you for sharing this
    I believe we should decide why we’re blogging and admit when we’re not good enough as you said but the language use is not easy, for an example I have articles that have been published in newspapers in Arabic, I write the best in Arabic, but here at wordpress I’m sure no one will read, why? Because my best friends are hardly reading so how come the foreign people 😌 and I know my English is not so good but I use google, I read and i try to improve every day tbh for a person that learned English alone I’m so proud but I always try to improve
    I don’t think you were harsh, it’s your point of view and there is a lot of truth in it

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      1. Yes I should try but it will certainly be with English translation and I’m not sure how accurate it will be but I should give it a try
        Thank you for your kind encouragement 🙂

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          1. I guess my new comments on your new posts went to spam…it gave me a message that they need moderaton, which is weird because it’s not the first time I comment..Check your spam if you want. Thank you 🙂

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  3. my suggestion would be to write what you are passionate about … if you are constantly watching your stats that can be very off putting. I took a couple of years before many read me. I often omit capitals and punctuation out of sympathy for those for who english is a second language. They do far better than I could in their language …

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    1. Having sympathy for people who have English as a foreign language is no reason to write badly. We’re supposed to be setting an example for them so that they can improve. How can they better themselves if they don’t have examples of good English to follow and replicate in their own time?

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          1. I’ve already fought that. I know language evolves so that American English is distinct from British English and there is no point trying to turn the clock back. American English irritates me intensely but if your writing about self help, nba basketball or high stakes Texas Holdem poker that is the vernacular you need to use to get your message across. They are all inherently American.

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          2. I have a friend who writes books in self help and I’m constantly arguing with him about using American terms but not getting anywhere as he can be quite stubborn. I have proof read a lot of his stuff to ensure it’s correct but American English is a different ball game altogether.

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  4. Thanks, Athena

    I think the biggest reason people abandon blogs etc. is that they didn’t have a good reason in the first place (fame & money). A week or so in and seeing neither has materialized they lose interest. Ans fair enough, there’s no fame or money so why do it as it is & and frustrating.

    Passion pushes past that. It’s not to say you won’t be downhearted that your sure-fire cure for moldy cheese went un-noticed, but that your obsession for non-moldy cheese is stronger than fame & money. If you keep at, then you are already winning for yourself. And that is what attracts others.

    What seems like overnight successes are actually 99% of the time not that way at all. People just love to pretend it was that way. Odds are you won’t be the 1%, well 99% of the time anyway. Play the passion game that is unique to you and you change the odds.


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