Time to get back to some linguistics. It is very interesting seeing all the different combinations you can have for word organisation. English is very inflexible in its word order as there is usually the right way and the way that makes you sound like Yoda.

In other languages like Greek you can organise things in about 4 different ways depending on what part of the sentence you want to emphasise.

Which word order are you most used to and which do you like best? If you have a choice in your language which do you chose and why?

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30 thoughts on “Linguistics”

  1. I just mentally rearranged most of the sentences in your post, just to see if I could.
    With a simple sentence it is definitely impossible to do without turning into Yoda. With slightly more complex ones, changing the order is easier (e.g. it is easier to change the order with slightly more complex ones) – you have to change the verb form though.

    Fun way to procrastinate for 5 minutes though 🤗 thanks.

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  2. Hello Athena, Hope you are good 🙂 I just wanted to tell you that following previous conversations, I posted something in Arabic with translation, I don’t know if you could check it: it’s in the link below if you want, and let me know should you have some questions or so, I’m planning to post more in Arabic in a new tab)
    Thank you 🙂

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          1. It’s quite evocative of the feelings that one goes through when your first starting to date. It also describes the beginnings of most romantic relationships quite well as your unsure of a lot of things.

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  3. Hmmm…. 😀

    I think English sentences can have different word orderings without actually going full Yoda.

    English sentences, I think, can actually have different word orderings without going full Yoda.

    Actually, without going full Yoda, English sentences can have different word orderings, I think.

    English sentences actually can, I think, have different word orderings (without going full Yoda).

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    1. Yes they can but you were starting to sound like an incredibly annoying American teen girl. They over accentuate and punctuate their sentences just so that you hang on there every word. It’s all about attention and attitude there.


        1. Because an American teen girl couldn’t be bothered with this back and forth plus she wouldn’t be intelligent or pedantic enough to show case at least four different examples to prove a linguistic point.

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