The difference between written and spoken language

I rather liked this post because while I can be quite pedantic when it comes to written language; I’m not always quite so when it comes to speech. I can of course be informal in writing and formal in speech if the occasion commands it.

Do you have any such conventions in your language?

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13 thoughts on “The difference between written and spoken language”

  1. I agree with on the pedantic language when it is written. But I see more and more that people prefer the easy reading, which pushes me to write less pedantic and formal. Maybe sometimes breaking some rules is good after all.

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    1. …also because my English skills are limited. In German language I am much more flexible and expressive. But in my view the writing style is not necessarily a question of quality but of personal preference and objectives.

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    1. It’s a very British term that describes a person that is overly concerned with minor details. Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang theory would be a good example of this as everything has to be just so. It’s an obsession almost like the search for perfection.

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          1. Perfectionism is a challenge for so many. While we strive for excellence, it’s good also to recognize how challenging it can be to be perfect at everything. It’s not going to happen.

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          2. Yes that is true and we have to recognise that while striving for perfection is the ideal; it can take up too much of our time. It’s about the correct level for the situation at hand. If the recipient will not appreciate that level then is it necessary to go that far?

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