Victoria Hislop

I love all of her stories Victoria Hislop

  1. The Island
  2. The Return (based in Spain)
  3. The Thread
  4. The Sunrise
  5. Carte Postales
  6. Those that are loved
  7. (Short story – One Cretan evening and other short stories)
  8. (Short story – The last dance and other short stories)
  • Above is a list that I have read so far except Those that are loved as I couldn’t find it when I went looking for it yesterday. I admire the fact that she loved the story of the island of Spinalonga so much that not only did she feel compelled to write a novel about leprosy but also learnt Greek.

I too have learnt Greek as my recent outing to Lefkás town has given me a much needed confidence boost in that I can speak and understand the language in real time as far as shop and restaurant talk goes.

  • I write books too and one day hope to be as successful as she is. Here are my books :-
  1. How to teach autistic children effectively
  1. How I learnt Greek
  2. How to communicate with your autistic child
  3. Greek life
  4. How to improve your Greek
  5. How to learn any language
  6. A life of Halcyon Days
  7. Imagina
  8. A Life of Ice and Fire

I hope you enjoy reading these recommendations

She is part of my foreigners who have become interested and or benefited Greece in some ways series.

Lawrence Durrell

Virginia Woolf

Henry Miller

Lord Byron

Eva Palmer-Sikelianos

Other series include Greek Poets, Authors, Musicians, Famous Greeks and Rural Villages in Lefkás. All the links can be found here Series links.

Best wishes



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23 thoughts on “Victoria Hislop”

  1. The list of your books says how much you have to write. I’ve only been able to read the reviews for the language and I’m sure you’ll be more famous than Victoria. I’m not a critic, I only write poems, but I like good reading. I’ll already be waiting for your successes. And if I’m not here, somewhere in the universe there will be a translator. Greetings.

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  2. Oh, my God! When I saw your name I thought, I wonder if she’s from Greece. And Crete is another land I’d like to see. But the older cultures like Egypt laid the foundation. You may have never heard of Cush. It’s capital was Kerma, a land more ancient than Egypt. Please come back more often and I will read more from your blog too. Take care now.

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    1. Even the shop keepers here think I’m Greek as I have the colouring and the style as well as wearing Greek clothing. I can speak Greek but my accent is a dead giveaway. I have been to various places in Greece as well as Crete, Corfu and Cephalonia. All the Cs just not on purpose as there the closest.


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