Yiannis Ritsos Greek poet 1909-1990

Kostis Palamas was impressed by his work in 1934 and praised him publicly.

Yiannis joined the communist party in the 1930’s and being left wing that means he’s going to clash when the right wing dictatorship of Ioannis Metaxas (1936) takes hold in Greece. He responded when they started burning his famous poetry by turning to surrealism as did so many of his colleagues.

In the 1950’s his work was set to music by Mikis Theodorakis.

He was also imprisoned when Greece suffered a second dictatorship performed by Papadopoulos commonly known as the military junta in 1967.

As a result of this his poetry was frequently banned.

He was rather unlucky when it came to the Nobel prize of Literature because of this censorship. He has been nominated 9 times unsuccessfully and finally he won the Lenin Peace Prize in 1975 which I guess is some form of compensation for continually being passed over because of his beliefs.

As I feel this post is rather lacking since I didn’t find any inspiration here is the view of a native Yiannis Ritsos.

This is the thirteenth post in the series of Greek but mainly Lefkádian writers and poets which includes a bonus post from Sententiae Antiquae on Sappho.

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