Russian general 1745-1817 and saint 2000-

To saint Theodore Ouaskov Nauargo of Russian fleet in return of the establishment of the eastern state.

Is a direct translation of what it says in Greek and Russian but his name in English is more like Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov. Fyodor Ushakov

This statue was produced on 1 October 2016 in Moscow Russia which is a very precise date but it is printed on the side. It is also the only statue here that has Russian writing which is quite unusual considering this is a Greek island nowhere near Russia.

However once I had discovered who he was then I realised how important a person he was and why he should be celebrated with a statue. He fought in the Mediterranean alongside Lord Horatio Nelson the famous English naval captain and even outranked him. Nelson made sure he got reassigned because he felt unjustly treated. The above wiki article tells you a lot about him. I’ve never even heard of him and I’ve lived in the area where Nelson is from (Wimbledon) for ages along with my parents who are also history buffs. This is why I’m letting someone else tell you here.

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