50 verbs in Greek

I like the fact that Lina explains in great detail the fact that lots of words in Greek have several meanings. I’m not a great talker so she does the job amply for me.

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100 common phrases in Athenian Greek

How to have a basic conversation in Greek with common phrases

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7 thoughts on “50 verbs in Greek”

  1. It’s not just that words have multiple meanings; it’s also that so many words can be described the same darn thing! I’ve found this is mainly because of the language’s long history, with archaic forms coexisting with modern ones. I’m trying to teach my daughter Greek, though, and I always struggle with this: even something as simple as the color white can be described as λευκό or άσπρο. “What’s the difference?” she asks, and I stammer, cursing my ancestors inside my head 😀

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    1. Oh there is many ways to describe the same things but English is worse because we have borrowed all their words in addition to our own.
      The λευκό /άσπρο debate is a common one which I have touched on previously when I wrote about colours a couple of years ago.

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