My Progress in Spanish, Greek and Russian

Recently I have been watching Greek Tedx talks and pop videos on YouTube with the subtitles on but the catch here is that the subtitles are in Greek also. It’s amazing the progress I have made by being able to understand more of what they are talking about than just pure listening. Greek pop videos are usually easy to figure out but going from a gist to understanding the idea behind it purely by seeing more than a 10 second countdown clip and reading the words is pretty cool. Pop music repeats the same simple lyrics so there good for learning but the con is that they don’t use proper language so it’s more slang which still can be helpful.

The Tedx talks are for when I want to step it up although that’s several levels up and I’m not quite ready for understanding these yet. I think maybe I have a 50% comprehension level here.

I’m debating how to progress with my Spanish and Russian studies. I like Latin American Spanish far more than European Spanish which is rather problematic for me considering where I live. I’m hoping extensive use of Netflix and maybe Amazon Prime/YouTube will assist here?

I don’t know enough Spanish to be able to watch purely with native subtitles but the American accents are so off putting when they speak in English. I have very sensitive ears and hearing so the stereotypical high pitched whiny American accent really gets to me. They speak their native language so beautifully but then when it’s dubbed into American English OMG!!!!!

I’m the kind of person that gets bored quite easily if I don’t understand things so I’m basically making a rod for my own back as the saying goes. I’m complaining about something while knowing that this is actually the best way to learn a language. A first world problem as it’s now called.

As to the Russian language this can surprisingly sound beautiful if spoken by the right people. If they sound so mellifluous (honeyed from Greek ;)) then I don’t mind the English subtitles. However, I watched a dual English/Russian pop song today and it was horrific. His voice was bad and the translation showed that while the voice matched the words, the song seemed to be in 2 halves like a he said, she said argument. Why?

This was post was inspired by the fact that I watched a video (another yes I know) and this was about the tricks that polyglots used to learn languages. In it the author said the best way to learn was to talk and to make mistakes. I’m deathly afraid of this but that is the subject for another article as this is getting long as is the subject of reading which I’m again addressing.

Best wishes


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8 thoughts on “My Progress in Spanish, Greek and Russian”

    1. I haven’t been able to pay much attention to any recently as I’ve been working so hard and we’ve been ill too.
      I have discovered that I’m a very odd language learner for reasons I will go on to explain in future posts as it will take way too long here.
      The resources I use now are YouTube, Netflix and Instagram. I have spent considerable amounts of time learning both Greek and Spanish but not so much on Russian. Since they are all interrelated in terms of religion I can see parallels. The most difficult thing is learning the alphabet as Greek and Russian have different pronunciation as well as letters. You can spot the similarities when you know one though.

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    1. I have studied Spanish off and on since school about 20 years ago which makes me seem rather incapable. French I did at school for 5 years but I’ve never cared for the language so I never continued. Greek I fell in love with the first time I went to Lefkás and Russian has been a simmering interest for the same amount of time as Spanish. I’m more interested in Russian now than Spanish but I have to be careful of the inside runner Italian who may prove to be a dark horse and romp up to the finish line much like the famous Ferrari.


  1. I totally agree with you on preferring Latin American Spanish to European Spanish! The Latin Americans have a pure accent and respect grammar rules much more.. As for Russian, it is a beautiful language. You should listen to Kyril the head of the Russian church speaking: it is so beautiful.
    As for Greek, I learned the ancient one for my philosophy studies and I forgot a lot of it but I still know how to read and understand some words of the modern Greek. Personally I can’t get enough of Athens. I love it!

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    1. The only 2 times I have been to Athens haven’t been great. A couple days at new year when we had a cold snap and again when my flight got diverted there. I need to properly experience and I would love to go to st Petersburg to check out the hermitage and the winter palaces.


  2. Hi Athena! Nice post about learning languages. I’m also learning Russian at the moment. I can recommend you to watch слуга народа. It is the tv series of the Ukrainian president acting as a president before he became one. It is pretty interesting, they are speaking Russian and you can find it on YouTube with English subtitles. I hope it helps and would love to know whether you liked it.

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