How to learn like a child as an adult

The best way to learn a language in my opinion is with the ease of a child. By that I mean don’t approach it head on. Don’t get bogged down with grammar, declension tables or memorising lists of vocabulary.

To effectively learn a language you need to engage your unconscious and sub conscious minds. This is where our creative powers reside and the majority of our brain power.

Communication is mostly done unconsciously. This is where body language comes in and Freudian slips of the tongue. This is challenging behaviour for a child to control but relatively simple for us unless we are under duress, in a new scenario.

A child will interact with his environment absorbing everything and gradually processing it into a shape that takes the form of words. However, before this children will express themselves in art. Even Picasso knew that the still resides an artist within every adult yet it has been obscured by becoming an adult.

Children have no innate sense of fear so this allows them to explore and practice language without worrying about the implications of what they are saying. This is how we get such phrases as “out of the moths of babes”. The honesty of children gets lost as we learn to say white lies, to sugar coat our words or simply to say the opposite of what we mean entirely out of politeness. This all builds up to prevent us from being able to communicate in a foreign language.

We are often reduced to the linguistic level of a child when it comes to second language acquisition and this frightens us. We are scared of the unpeeling of ourselves and the vulnerability that we now exhibit since we are no longer able to mask our true feelings.

In order to master our linguistic abilities we need to learn to appreciate ourselves for who we were, who we are now but also who we wish to become in the future. We can’t change if we don’t know that we need to in the first place.

Have you had to do any “unprogramming” of yourself to learn how to live a better, more authentic life for yourself?

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40 thoughts on “How to learn like a child as an adult”

          1. I didn’t know that about you!

            There’s a beauty and intelligence in autism that is really unique. The world might say it’s some kind of problem but it’s almost like a peculiar gift.

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          2. Never been diagnosed… so I don’t know. But I’ve always found autistic people interesting. Aside from what modern science and society say about them, they have an intelligence that surpasses what everyone deems “intelligent”. I hope that makes sense. Like, a guy I work with is low functioning autistic. But if you give him a guitar, he rocks it! He writes his own music and lyrics.

            Also, I think because of the childlike abilities these people are able to see what others can’t. Because I think after a while “normal people” get it in their heads that they have to be and think a certain way. And it changes them.

            Again, I hope all of this makes sense and isn’t offensive…

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          3. There is very little you can say to offend me so don’t worry about that too much. I’ve never known anyone to actually enjoy autism so your certainly one of a kind. Good for you embracing what you like.

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          4. It’s not that I like it, it’s just how I’ve heard about it through science and society. And then getting to know autistic people themselves.

            I’m a deep thinker sort. And I try to understand things from putting myself in other people’s shoes.

            And I hope I’m not aggravating you or freaking you out.

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          5. No you have to go a lot further to aggravate or freak me out. I’ve worked on not getting disturbed easily. If you can understand the world through other people’s eyes then you are not autistic as you have theory of mind as it’s called. Perhaps you have it in your family?

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          6. I probably do. Though I don’t know. I really don’t know much about my family.

            I probably sound like a broken record but it’s interesting to get to know people. And I’m pretty intrigued by you.

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          7. As different as I feel, I have managed to find a few here that I believe truly get me. But they’re a very minute few.

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  1. “Communication is mostly done unconsciously.” If this ain’t true though! I find that I have trouble expressing myself when I’m conscious of the words I’m about to say but when I just let it flow, it comes out naturally. So I totally get what you mean, and it’s a very useful advice!

    -Ghybz (

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    1. Yes it would but it’s just a suggestion. You don’t have to follow it yourself if you find it doesn’t work. Everyone has their own method of learning that works for them. It doesn’t often translate to others.


  2. This is quite an interesting post! One I may need to read more than once. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.
    I just posted a new blog, its about the Sunshine Blogger Award. I have listed you as one of my nominees. 🙂 Please check it out when you have time. 🙂

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