Learning languages through what you love

I have been enjoying a holiday in Mexico to practice my Spanish but I’m also getting a sampler of German and a sprinkling of Russian in addition to the Mayan language.

Article in Spanish on German bock style beer
Article in Spanish on German style Bock beer
Hop 3 - Beer experience Russian style beer
Hop 3 – Beer experience Russian style beer

When you are relaxed it is much easier to retain information and when you speak the language the locals are much more likely to recommend their favourite places and dishes to you. Local knowledge is key as always. Travel agents are good but they can’t possibly have been everywhere or know everything. The internet is no substitute for experience here.

Hop 3 - Beer Experience Mérida
Hop 3 – beer experience Mérida

This is Eduardo who I had a chat with as he has previously learnt some Russian and was currently learning German. He had progressed quite well for only having spent 6 months on the language so far. Being from this area he had already mastered Spanish, Mayan and English. He liked to travel a lot to the point each year he would spend 3 months working away but regretted the fact that he always had to do it solo. He admired the fact that me and my husband Sam could share our adventures together.

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15 thoughts on “Learning languages through what you love”

  1. German beer is the way to go when you want to break through a language barrier. It’s not like your skills just miraculously amplified, it’s more like you’re not afraid to make mistakes. Can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

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  2. That’s it! Never stop having fun when learning, because a positive attitude is essential in the process of language learning. I’ve always believed that learning is more effective when there’s amusement and a personal interest.

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      1. I think that’s precisely the key: keeping yourself motivated and finding new ways to either explore or put the language in practice. I often help students rediscover the language through cooking 🙂 To me that’s a way to remind them how delicious learning a new language is and how many more things one can discover from a new culture.

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        1. That’s an awesome idea! I need to try that a bit more but short of the Lidl leaflet I don’t come across many foreign recipes. However I would have to look them up first to understand what they said in the first place!!!


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