Ebooks vs real books vs audio books

This is an interesting conundrum as there are positives and negatives for all sides. I have addressed this previously in my books here on My author page. I have also written several articles about reading – Different types of Reading, The to be read pile etc. As it’s such an essential skill there is always more to examine so, today I’m going to delve into what happens when I read an ebook as opposed to the real version and add in a little about audiobooks too.

When I had a Kindle and started reading the e versions of books as it was too expensive for me to continually buy the real versions I noticed that I wasn’t enjoying them as much. I’m not one of those that particularly goes in for the smell of old books, the feel of the paper, the weight of the book or the cover design but the fact you can disconnect from the digital world is brilliant. This doesn’t happen if you have stopped working using a screen but progressed to reading using a screen. The book may be fiction and it may be an author or subject you really enjoy but the electric light interferes. Your not relaxed because the photons don’t allow that. You also can’t go to sleep reading an ebook as the light does the opposite in keeping you awake.

I used to think that the reasons I didn’t finish books was because of the style, subject matter, author but the format also has some input into my overall enjoyment. I read the paperback version of Organised Mind by Daniel Levitin. Or tried to read it as I should say because although it’s a very interesting book it was like trying to walk through a quagmire. I gave up. Then I come across the book on Blinkist. I read it very quickly as with all books on there because there designed like that. However, to me it didn’t feel like I was reading the same book at at all. It was summarised so it had all the salient details but as far as I know, by someone else. Therefore, to me, it doesn’t have any of the authors insight or stamp on it. It’s just a collection of words that teach you something, albeit better than the original, but bearing little resemblance to it. I’m really starting to dislike abridged versions of books.

I remember listening to a Jane Austen audiobook and it was enjoyable but since it was abridged it skipped out a lot. Sometimes when traveling my attention is diverted elsewhere so I lose the thread of the story and I found this happening frequently. I think I need all that extra information to keep my focus as it’s a bygone era.

I don’t like listening to audiobooks much as I have sensitive hearing that seems to be affecting me more than when I was younger. I could however just be noticing it more. I know alcohol dampens the senses but it’s not good to use that to cope with noisy situations. Anyways I find I pay less attention to an audiobook but it’s more relaxing that way as I can just switch off.

So in conclusion Real Books are best for absorbing information information, e books if you want a wide variety that doesn’t take up any space and audiobooks if you need a distraction from every day life.

Do you agree with my conclusion?

Best wishes



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10 thoughts on “Ebooks vs real books vs audio books”

  1. The conclusion on this post is very accurate since each type of book has a specific function. However i am old fashioned on this. I love real books and I couldnt handle very well e-books and audiobooks. And by this statement i already made a lot of ennemies lol

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    1. I don’t think one type of book will overtake another but I also don’t think that preferring one type over another creates enemies. They all have their place and my favourite is real books but when traveling the others are better.


  2. I could never find time to read leading to staking up of books.

    I switched to audiobooks while driving and commuting instead of radio and couldn’t be happier. Changed my life.

    Modern audiobooks are extremely good – with actors from movies reading out dialogues, having background music of scenes and even 3D sounds where two people speak from left and right.

    Would definitely recommend modern audiobooks which are a whole new experience.

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    1. Thankyou.However I don’t drive and where I live I don’t get a good radio reception so I can’t take you up on your recommendation. I can however listen on Audible and Blinkist so I guess that’s something.


  3. I much prefer paper books. But sometimes a book is only available as an ebook (often self-published), or the paper version is really expensive (often academic books). So then I’ll do an ebook.

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    1. Electronic books are best for traveling as they take up no space and you have an infinite variety at your disposal. They however do not satisfy in the same way which is what I found in language learning too. It’s the same with typing and writing by hand. It’s just how our brains have evolved. I mentioned this also in my previous work. Thankyou for your comments on my articles so far.


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