The Parthenon

I was astonished recently when watching a program on an American television channel about how well the Parthenon was constructed. They understood so many things to construct the perfect temple. What’s more is they did it without a plan and in 9 years. The current renovation which the program covers has taken at least 30 because they had to correct previous fixes which were done incorrectly. They also had to figure out how they built it in the first place because there is very little records bar other temples.

Each piece of the temple is unique so it’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Each piece can only fit in one place. Slotting it all together is a big task for anyone to complete. The team decided to put the temple back into order as it stands without trying to restore it to a previous era as that would destroy its beauty and make it look unbalanced.

Do you have any wonders if the world near you?

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15 thoughts on “The Parthenon”

  1. I was fascinated when I learned that the columns of the Parthenon were larger at the top than at the bottom, however, standing before them their appear completely straight from bottom to top because their variation exactly offsets the effect of our distance perspective. This gave the temple an otherworldly feeling, as though you stood in a celestial dimension instead of the ordinary world. Reflecting on how long ago was the Age of Pericles (461 to 429 B.C.), I am most impressed. Perspective in painting was not used until Masaccio in the early fifteenth century.

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      1. Places have then own personalities, especially sacred places. Nothing like being there. I have never been there and can only guess what it would be like. As the Parthenon was built to house the now lost Athena Parthenos chryselephantine statue I used to wonder what this statue would have looked like. I made up my own idea and was disappointed when I found many copies existed. I liked my version better, all flowing hair and firey eyes, not stately and stiff like the real one.

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