Strategies for working through problems like Covid 19 quarantine

For me I find complaining/voicing my opinion about a problem to another person or writing about it on here seems to unlock the answers for me. It’s almost like the thoughts need to be given tangible form for them to coalesce into something recognizable. I think I’ve just lost most people now by using words that are infrequent but I do like precise language where possible.

Watching Netflix/tv/YouTube also works as well for thought formation as does practicing art. Distraction and focusing on something else allows the other parts of the brain to focus its creative juices on finding a solution to a current problem. Then there is the race to write it down when it turns up as there always fleeting. As soon as I try to record them there gone. Such is the ethereal nature of thought.

After a period of free time when my brain has got to the point where I feel like I’m going to go insane because I am so bored, it all of a sudden snaps into creative, problem solving mode.

I need to make a schedule for the next couple of weeks at least. Since my husband is in the highly vulnerable category I will most likely be hiding out in the country for quite a while. Infinity is a scary concept to minds that like order, rhythms and structure.

I have spent plenty of time here at the in laws before in the past but we had many visitors then and we could go to other places before too. Now that it’s a lockdown and one with an indefinite and probably lengthy duration. It makes things rather difficult to cope with. I have been practicing mindfulness and not using the phone immediately upon waking. I find it helps enormously if I don’t use my phone /tablet/ laptop for a while after waking. Reading isn’t a thing I do well upon waking despite the fact I adore it and I’m often a compulsive reader. My ability to take in words is being increasingly hampered as I get older.

I’m becoming less able to turn my attention to everything but I’m becoming more specialised. I am however becoming less autistic in that I’m becoming less selfish with more social skills. So in that way I’m becoming broader minded.

Autism means self in Greek so by developing yourself this is the only way you can become less autistic.Your autistic neurology remains. This is how you can seem like everyone else yet not be like everyone else at all. It’s also how others can be like you but not autistic themselves.

In an article I read recently it mentioned the changes that happen to the brain as it ages. Fluid intelligence decreases but what is left crystallises so it is like the essence of what makes you tick is being distilled. You are refining a fine whiskey to release upon the world. You have matured for many years in a couple of different casks by now so you are full of unique flavours. Few who come across you will appreciate the taste but for those who do they are worth there weight in gold.

Just beware of those that see your value only in monetary terms and try to sell you off to make the most profit for themselves. They are often the sneakiest as they are charming and entertaining but also deceiving as they only reveal parts of themselves. They keep there true self hidden for many years.

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13 thoughts on “Strategies for working through problems like Covid 19 quarantine”

  1. Wow ! So you too have experienced that ethereal nature of thought.

    I recall, at times, I couldn’t even utter a word or talk before I record the thought in writing else the talk would generate a new thought to fade the previous one. Once, that is how I lost the music of a song that appeared spontaneously, then forgotten but a few days later seemed to have resurfaced though I wasn’t sure enough whether it was the exact music recalled.

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  2. Here’s a difference. I am obsessed about order and structure but I love Infinity. The former is alike science whereas latter is alike art.

    There are embedded structures concealed in the darkness of Infinity !

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    1. Well at the moment we are going to infinity and beyond!
      You mean your interested in dark matter and energy. I was listening to a radio broadcast recently with Brian Cox and it was both comedic and scientific. It was a pretty awesome find.

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  3. Yes, waking up is a physiological phenomenon that wants to be integrated with Nature, so artificial instruments like electronic sounds of television, lcd lights of cellphone or likewise, disrupts the Natural inaudible tune that “hums” inside the brain.

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    1. Yes circadian rhythms are extremely important for our health hence jet lag is a pain but the changing of the clocks tries to mitigate this in some way. It was interesting the fact I found out watching babies on Netflix as they don’t have a sleep wake cycle until much later.

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    1. Neuro plasticity says otherwise but if that was the case it’s probably what happened to me at 17. I stopped being good at what I thought was going to be my life and started learning many other skills instead.
      In life it seems if you don’t follow the treadmill you struggle an extraordinary amount and only if you possess superhuman strength do you emerge on the other side.

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    1. Thanks for all your comments. Usually the personal /spiritual posts end up on my other blog and this one is more intellectual/Hellenic. Since Corona happened I don’t know if I’ll be going there this year so there might be quite the break in what’s happening over there.

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