The Quarantine Chronicles

I was just thinking that the situation we find ourselves in right now is not far off the nightmarish world of Fahrenheit 451. In it physical human connection is replaced by conversations on video screens. These video screens are larger than life in the fact that they become all consuming. It is considered highly attractive if your lounge/sitting room is in fact just 4 screens for walls. In that way that highly prised connection is permanently established but there is in fact no connection because you can’t really see the people or their lives. You only have a facsimile of reality. This was life for me existing behind a screen because reality was so painfully overwhelming as it was real.

It’s like living in the world of Equilibrium. We wanted to remove all the negativity present in the world but in doing so we also cocooned ourselves to the point of numbness. We no longer felt anything so we lost the ability to connect on any level let alone a meaningful one.

This virus is allowing us to reconnect with our immediate family but also disconnecting us from our extended family. We no longer have stories to share or deep conversations because those present were not there.

Everyone is currently in the same boat with regards to lack of mobility. We are craving interaction with our friends. We like to be social and have experiences so being told stay inside is jarring to a couple of rebellious individuals. Usually I’m on the side of the outsider always being one but for once we need to do as we’re told. In this regard tv is helping by having cooking shows, craft shows, walks and quiz shows. These all keep us occupied and possibly give us ideas to try out later. Let’s turn the pain and anxiety of missing friends and family into positive activities that benefit our communities .If we do this we may find a much better world with improved mental health.

Learning to cook is an essential skill that we seem to have lost but maybe we can regain it over the coming weeks. Let’s see if we can get the nation cooking, cleaning, repairing, exercising, gardening and generally looking after ourselves and our environment.

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4 thoughts on “The Quarantine Chronicles”

  1. You’re right on the Orwellian element, the four walls four screens (hope people haven’t covered every wall, overkill).

    To be honest life after lockdown (UK) isn’t drastically different from being unemployed. The experiences that once working people are having is giving them a BITTER AND SHARP TASTE of what unemployed people put-up with.

    Everyone is in the same boat RE lack of mobility, and THIS IS WHAT’S GOING TO GET EVERYONE TOGETHER!

    Learning skills is a great thing, as long as we don’t compare ourselves in the wrong way with others. Share skills regardless of what they are. Only caveat to be mindful of; try not to compare, be better or belittle others if you want to give advice. That’s my advice (and criticism of tv shows). By all means share knowledge and skills.

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    1. Thank you for reading and replying to my post. I try not to be egotistical but sometimes that happens without me noticing.
      I know very well what it’s like to be unemployed and the rest of the world is waking up to all the careers, stay at home mums, elderly and disabled live with on a daily basis. It’s not pleasant but hopefully the world will change now into a better configuration.


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