Linguistic Priorities

I have recently become interested in learning Italian after watching Sky Arts photographer of the year but need to remember that it takes an absolute age for me to learn a language. I still haven’t learnt either Greek, Spanish or Russian.

I do love the Greek language but I have to be super relaxed and happy to use it so that rarely happens. I usually have alcohol in me too. It’s amusing the other day I just started writing in Greek to my husband using the Latin alphabet (he’s dyslexic so can’t read Greek or write it for that matter) which presents extra challenges because of transliteration. I’m amazed he understood then I write something else which was more difficult but then we became unstuck as he didn’t know how to reply in Greek. Therefore I never got an answer to the second query until he turned up which in fact answered it.

Pou eisai?

“English response to Where is he?”

Xaxaxa Lipon? Ratao Itan sou spiti?

“Since he is in the pub he obviously ain’t gonna tell me when he is coming home.”

Apologies for bad grammar and spelling but it got the point across.

Best wishes