An essay on the role of education in the future

As we are getting more into the 21st century the need to change our educational style is increasing.

  • No longer do we need so many of the facts that were crammed into our heads as children. We now have Google for that.
  • For the bibliographic details of our friends we have a phone.
  • To find our way from A to B we now have Sat Nav’s.
  • Calculators have replaced the need for mental arithmetic
  • Email has mostly replaced letter writing.
  • Smart watches are replacing our diaries.
  • Fit bits are monitoring our health.
  • Handsfree devices allow us to talk when we cannot use our phones.
  • Hive thermostats can control the heating in our homes.
  • Alexa can control your lighting.
  • Google assistant can control your music collection.
  • Amazon tabs can order your favourite items.
  • Siri knows far more about you than anyone else does (as does Facebook).
  • E readers are possibly replacing books.
  • Netflix are replacing the television stations.
  • Air B and B is changing travel accommodation.
  • Uber is revolutionizing travel transportation.
  • Just Eat is controlling where we get our takeaways from.
  • Cars no longer need keys for the ignition.
  • I)What else are we able to do without in order to increase the time available to ourselves for creative interests?
  • II)Are you scared by how much technology exists in our lives, it’s ability to learn and possibly to go rogue at some point?
  • III)Are we turning into mindless robots being programmed by exposure to so much media and our subsequent consumption of it?
  • IV)What does it mean to be human nowadays as we are relying more and more on technology for our every need?
  • Best wishes
  • Angela
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    16 thoughts on “An essay on the role of education in the future”

    1. I am facing this problem because i am a teacher. The only thing technology cant do is to teach people how to think/critical thinking. Thanks for sharing, people need to be more aware of the danger of technology not only in education but also in our lives

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    2. I do agree with you. Everything seems to be so automated and fast paced. I know improvement in our technology aims to assist us in order to make our life easier but I think it is somehow making us become mindless zombies. ๐Ÿง

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    3. Kids should not be given smartphones. They should be given access to technology, but it should be limited. Carrying a phone around 24/7 is bad for their health and their brain. They will turn into zombies. I have been witnessing this since the mid-2000s.
      I won’t put an Alexa in my house. I have paper road maps in my car in case all hell breaks loose.

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    4. As Black Sheep had said, we can not rely to much on the technology that we have, ’cause it has proven many times to abandon us when we need it the most. I’m not against the technology, ’cause it wouldn’t be here and invented if we didn’t need it, but I’m against the ways that it is used today, especially among the kids. It should be used as a help when we really need it, as it was its primary purpose, and not to replace our lives. Now people don’t care about anything, they think technology will solve all of their problems. We don’t have to think with our heads, with don’t have to talk to each other (normal communication, offline, face-to-face), we don’t have to learn anything. One of the biggest parody of today’s world is that we have so much information that we can use so fast, but, nevertheless, we are becoming more and more stupid. I remember, when I gave instructions in natural sciences to kids and students, and how they react when I asked them to find some information on the Internet to help them in their study. They were speechless and totally incapable to do such an easy task, even do they use Internet and laptops/smartphones 24/7…

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