Emotional Quotient EQ vs IQ

In some ways IQ and EQ are opposites for if you have a high IQ like I was tested with, you also have a low EQ which I certainly had.

This is another reason why English Woman love Greek Men because there EQ is significantly higher than English Men. English people are taught to hide their emotions yet that just causes more problems. The Mediterranean nations express the emotions and so are healthier for it. There diet and climate are also better but because they are family focused which is how it should be they are poorer.

We focus on business and trade but at a time like this we are the poorer ones. We don’t have many family members to look out for or to look after us if we need help getting the shopping etc.

I come from a very emotionally cold family so when I tried to interact with the world I couldn’t understand the warmth that other people had. I didn’t know what it meant so I flew like a moth to a flame to the emotionally distant as they were calming in an emotionally overwhelming world.

The opposite is also true as your attracted to those that give you attention. Those are precisely the people you need to be aware of. If you know what a person wants then you can understand them. You can also use them for your own ends without them realising because they are too emotionally immature. This is the harsh world that I was now immersed in. I’ve tried to learn to navigate it but the pathways are just so numerous. I’ve been yearning for connection for so long but never finding the right ones.

So I did what you might expect and disconnected myself to try to discover what was so fundamentally wrong with me that I couldn’t establish meaningful connections with people and have conversations that made my soul sing.

However in disconnecting you also lose any chance of finding that needle in the haystack.

I will establish myself once more in the world as I understand myself better now but I also know that as soon as those hormones come calling I will have a fight on my hands once more to retain my intelligence in the face of nature.


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