There is a Berlin Wall inside my brain for words

This was installed when I had my accident at 17 and they are very militant in not allowing words from one part of my brain to the other. I learn all the words of a language and retain them but they are not allowed to cross the divide between the conscious and unconscious minds.

My husband just made a joke in Greek which was quite funny. He was saying a bunch of stuff then he says vemata (steps) instead of psmeta (lies) excuse my spelling. So I’m thinking there not the same word and that’s not the word he means or even what he usually says. Then I get what it is he just said so the words are there, there just not allowed out of the fortress often.

I have to find my Reagan so he can say “Tear down this wall Mr Gorbachev!”

Best wishes


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6 thoughts on “There is a Berlin Wall inside my brain for words”

  1. This must be so painful, and at this point, I can only recommend diffusing frankincense or bergamot essential oil, with the hope this will restimulate the brain circuitry which will restore your linguistic memory. If anyone with more knowledge in the area can better help, all the best.

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    1. Thankyou very much. It has been a long hard struggle and I understand how the older generation is generally better at languages due to their background in Latin and Greek which forms the basis of the English language.

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    1. It is very frustrating. It’s not really charming but it was interesting when I found out recently that when developing character names to help learn a foreign language you realise all the brand names like calor gas has come from Latin or Greek. Calor is Latin for heat hence you get caliente in Spanish and so on.


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